The Relay Record is a community blog that will tell the story of the Great British Relay as it wends its way around mainland Britain through June 2016. It is the diary of a running event that is not just a running event, but an epic journey that links together people and places by the passing of a baton from hand to hand, over thousands of miles.

It is the story of waking up at 3am to a phone call from someone you've never met who tells you "get up, it's nearly here!"; of hundreds of people simultaneously willing a GPS tracker across a satellite map towards a town they've never heard of; and of waiting in the rain for a stranger to appear across an empty beach.

All of our bloggers are relay runners. Here you will find out what motivates them, what keeps them going when it gets tough out there and how they tackle a 16% hill or an incoming tide.

The Relay Record is a project founded by the relay runners and is maintained separately to the GB Relay. If you have questions about the relay or your leg, please direct them to the organisers.

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