Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Looking back: Leg 549 from Hopton to South Beach Parade, Great Yarmouth

Hi. I am Sirkka and I am running stage 548 in this year's fantastic Great British Relay. I first saw the posts for the relay in 2013 and thought what a brilliant idea it was. But I was just coming back from injury and didn't think I would be fit enough to run. So I was delighted when it did actually happen last year and I was able to run stage 549 with my friends Cheryl and Stuart, and the photo is of us just after handing over in Great Yarmouth. We all really enjoyed following the progress of Casey and the run itself.

As soon as this year's relay was announced we were ready to sign up again and this time I was able to grab the stage that goes through the streets and the close to the beach where I first started running when I used to live in Lowestoft. In fact we are going to run right past my beach hut!

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